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Here you can find useful information about the Institute, its goals and objectives, its members and directors, a schedule of upcoming meetings and events, and the sponsors who make our meetings and continued activities possible.

Our Logo

The LOGO of the Kanawha Valley Mining Institute, Inc. as shown above, clearly captures the essence of the Institute. The Miner with the pick represents miners everywhere; the spiked sun represents energy, originating in the sun and released from coal through the work of miners and industry for the good of mankind; the mountains represent the care of the environment practiced by the responsible mining community, and the student represents the support of education of our younger citizens provided by the KVMI.

Special thanks to Shannon Westerman of Artistic Promotions, for his support and guidance in creating and promoting the Logo, and to artist Ted Mobley for his artistic input and patience through several iterations and modifications in the search for the perfect Logo.